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German Shorthair Puppies

Submitted by: Steve Leigh on Apr 11, 2022

Tom is a great guy. Both of my Shorthairs came from Tom. Both are part of our family and in the house. Our first dog we got from Tom was 9 years ago. She's an excellent puppy and still going strong. I purchased a new pup last year from him. Neither were the pick of the litter. To the contrary, my new pup I got last year was one of the last few remaining. Regardless she still has great hunting instincts and drive. Good nose, no medical issues. Great companion! She's a velcro dog and wants constant pets and attention when not in the field. Both are good pups! They both have tremendous stamina, energy and drive. As expected with this breed they need lots of exercise and playtime. Shorthairs typically have 2 speeds, full throttle or cuddled up on the couch next to you. Tom's dogs are no exception.
I recommend this breeder for anyone looking for GSP.


Submitted by: Rocco Colson on Apr 01, 2022

I have gotten 2 puppies from Tom. I got Macy in June of 2018 and Mickey in June of 2021. These two dogs have been great!! Both are excellent hunters as well as good house dogs. If you are looking for a puppy I would highly recommend getting one from Tom. First class operation!!!! I also buy Hi-Standard dog food that is available for purchase.

Submitted by: Joshua Hellmann on Mar 27, 2022

I've known Tom personally for years and he really is passionate about his German Shorthairs. We purchased a very witty, and highly energetic female pup from him last year. Rayne has been developing wonderfully into the hunter we were after. Would highly recommend Tom's puppies. The High Standard dog food is great as well.

Submitted by: Drew Rodman on Feb 28, 2022

Tom was a great help when I started looking for another GSP last spring. His knowledge of the shorthair breed is second to none. I got a male dog named Xeno, and after my first season with him was nothing but impressed. The dog was a bird finding machine, beautifully backed other dogs by 15 weeks of age, and retrieves naturally. He has been a great add on to my guide string and would consider him my best dog at only 10 months old. He is super trainable and a joy to be around. He is as great indoors as he is outdoors as well. Tom and The Pet Hopper will definitely be on the top of my suggestion list for any future friends looking for a German shorthair.

Submitted by: NIcky Lahr on May 09, 2021

We got our GSP, Izzy, from Tom July 2020. Working with Tom was great, he was very thorough and his dogs were very well cared for every time we came to visit. We appreciated his expertise on questions that we had and his process for puppy selection. We did not feel rushed and felt we got the right dog for our family! You can tell Tom takes a lot of pride in raising his dogs, which made us confident in our decision to purchase form Tom. Izzy has a ton of energy, SO friendly to everyone she meets, and a great demeanor. She is a beautiful dog and are so happy she has joined our family. Thanks Tom!

Submitted by: Nick Wachsmuth on May 03, 2021

Received a 2020 female pup from Tom Lyon at The Pet Hopper. She is beautiful, extremely intelligent, and has a loving and fun personality. She is the perfect family dog in the house, the perfect best friend for the kids in the yard, and the perfect companion in the field. At 11 months old, she received a qualifying score on AKC Junior Hunter Hunt Test. Looking forward to many more events. Would absolutely recommend The Pet Hopper if seeking your next best friend!

Submitted by: Amanda Wuertz on Apr 22, 2020

We got our females GSP Mia from Tom last May and it was the best decision we have made. Tom was very thorough and made sure all our questions were answered and also made sure we would be a good fit for Mia as well. He is readily available for any questions we have had while she is growing. It’s amazing how well she did at just 6 months old when out hunting. We couldn’t be happier with her. I strongly recommend The Pet Hopper!

Submitted by: Donna Rudiger on Apr 01, 2020

We were referred to The Pet Hopper by a friend when we decided on a GSP. He was very easy to work with and was thorough in screening us. He is very knowledgeable and answered all questions and concerns. The process he uses is buyer friendly but also responsible to the breed which we respected. I would not hesitate to use him again!! Our female has been exceptional with no unusual health issues. She is the love of our lives!

Submitted by: Cassie R Strese on Mar 23, 2020

We got Hazel one year ago and she has turned out to be the perfect addition to our family. Our experience at Tom's kennel was great; he was patient and accommodating with our 2 young kids. Hazel has turned into a fantastic family dog and hunting partner.

Submitted by: Christopher Larson on Mar 07, 2020

I got a pup from the pet hopper last mother's day. She has turned into a great hunting partner great nose well behaved great drive and she isn't even a 1 year old yet and is pointing birds like a pro. Tom was very helpful with information as well. He gave me a name of a great trainer who did a great job. He explained to me the benefits of different foods and protein lvls talked to me on the phone more then once disusing the do s and donots of breeding gsp s also said if or when the time comes and I decide to breed the female I received from him to feel free to give him a call and he could walk me threw on how to determine a good stud all and all I could not have asked for more. If for some reason I ever find myself needed another gsp he would be my first call.

Submitted by: Kristina on Jan 19, 2020

When we started looking into getting a dog for our family we were told to give Tom a call. After talking to Tom I knew he was the breeder I wanted to go through. He was very knowledgeable and very helpful with any the questions I had. Once we brought the girls to come see all the puppies him and his wife were very sweet and kind. We brought Cooper (German Shorthair) home May 2018 and he has been the best dog our girls could ask for! Not only does Cooper put up with our girls doing anything to him he has also been a great hunting dog for my husband. The next dog we get will only come from Tom!
Thank you Tom for everything.

Submitted by: Bill Adams on May 29, 2019

I got Rose from Tom 2 years ago; just had her in for her yearly checkup and even the vet commented that she is a beautiful dog and asked where she came from. Rose is a special family pet constantly "hunting" the many turkeys in our yard. She comes from Tom Lyon's great breeding and super clean kennel. I highly recommend Tom's dogs!

Submitted by: Rocco Colson on Apr 06, 2019

I got my Macy from Tom in June of 2018. Tom was very helpful and knowledgeable about the breed and answered all questions that I had. My Macy is a year old. She is a very energetic dog and has done well in her training. Macy is a good family dog and I look forward to getting her out in the field. I would definitely go to Tom for another dog in the future.

Submitted by: Christopher Kuehn on Jul 28, 2018

The dog I got from Tom is now 2 years old and has tons of energy, a great nose for birds and just a friendly dog that is great with my really young nieces and nephews. The dog food is so good too.

Submitted by: Mary Adams on Apr 07, 2018

We got Rose from Tom's 2017 Reba and Major breeding. We enjoyed all the communication and pictures from Tom before we could pick her up. Rose has the sweetest disposition and so easy to train; in 2 weeks she will finish her intermediate obedience classes. After that I figure she will get a CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certificate. I wish we had the room for a puppy from this same breeding.

Submitted by: Michael Kurr on Mar 25, 2018

Having the 2017 pick of the litter from Tom Lyon I have been nothing short of impressed with Echo. He is hands down one of the best shorthairs I have ever had and at only one year old as of next week saying that in regards to a puppy I am super excited to see what potential the future holds for him as he has already proven to be beyond his knowledge at such a young age. I would recommend anyone seeking a premium dog family and/or hunting to contact the Lyon's for your next puppy.

Submitted by: Brodie Schaefer on Mar 17, 2018

I bought a female from Tom Lyon in 2016. She is a great family dog, she has great temperament around all ages of people. Sadie is a great hunter as well. She has an excellent nose and her instincts are through the roof. I shot 10 wild roosters over her in Mn the first year I hunted her. I also feel the size and markings his pups have are as good as you can find. I would highly recommend Tom’s pups to anyone.

Submitted by: Daniel Meincke on Apr 16, 2017

I Met Tom Lyons from Pet hopper at a deer classic and was very impressed. When I was ready to buy a pup I contacted Tom, He was very friendly and answered all my question. I decided order my pup from Tom and have never been sorry My pup Teddy will be 1 yr old April 23rd Teddy is a German Short Hair with great markings and wonderful personality. Teddy went to South Dakota to hunt pheasants when he was 6 months old and did great he loves to hunt and has a great nose that is all ways working. I would highly recommend Tom if you are looking for Short Hair pup.

Submitted by: Rebecca Kidwell on Apr 13, 2017

I bought a pup from The Pet Hopper's Ice/Nitro breeding in 2015. Her name is Sadie. We don't use Sadie for hunting. We bought her for a family pet. I cannot find the words to describe how pleased we are with our pup. She is absolutely gorgeous as far as her color and markings. She has a very muscular build. I get a lot of comments from people regarding her stance. People say she has an aristocratic look about her. A very regal look like she comes from royalty. She is very lovable and excellent around adults, children and other pets. Sadie loves to cuddle. So, if you are looking for a dog to hunt or just as a family pet or both. You'll not find a more lovable breed than the German Shorthaired Pointer. Their crazy antics are like none other. They continuously keep you entertained. Sadie will be 2 years old this week. I must say it's been an amazing last 2 years. So, if you're looking for a GSP pup, The Pet Hopper has the finest pups I've ever seen. Thank you Tom Lyon for my precious baby girl Sadie.

Submitted by: Aaron Wukawitz on Apr 02, 2017

Would definitely recommend Tom as a great shorthair breeder. His kennel is very well maintained and clean, the puppies are shown so much love as well as the mom and dad. We had bought a puppy (Edge) from Tom at 8 weeks old and he has a very loving personality at home and works very hard when he is in the field. We love our shorthair and would definitely use The Pet Hopper as a breeder again.

Submitted by: Joe on Jan 25, 2016

I was recommended to Tom by Ed Erickson during my search for a great field & family GSP companion. I have a female GSP from the Reba & Major April 2015 litter. She went through Ed's 4 week training course and was holding steady & retrieving to hand at 5 months old. I had her out in the field over a dozen times during this last hunting season, and each time her abilities continued to amaze me. We are currently enrolled in the NAVHDA Obedience Course and hope to run in the NAVHDA NA test this spring. I am more than happy with my family and hunting companion, and would recommend one of Tom's pup's to anyone interested in a great GSP.

Submitted by: Erin and Brian on Sep 21, 2015

We absolutely loved working with Tom to get our first GSP, Ruby. Tom was super communicative with us and provided us with a lot of photos as the puppies grew. He also allowed us to come see the puppies early when they were about 4 weeks old. In addition, after we took Ruby home, Tom has remained in contact with us and you can tell he is very invested in his puppies. As a customer, it's nice to know we can always go to Tom with any questions or concerns we have.

As far as the puppy goes, we couldn't be happier. She has a great personality, was quickly housebroken, and is just a beautiful, well-bred dog. My fiance is so excited to get her out for her first hunting season. Thanks Tom!

Submitted by: Rod and Nicole Peterson on Oct 19, 2014

We purchased a puppy from this breeder's May 2012 litter. Jaxsen is an awesome dog. He is a mild mannered dog in the house and an exceptional hunter in the field. He has drive like no other. Hunts pheasants all day long and never tires. His size (28 inches tall) makes him easy to keep track of in the field.

Submitted by: Steve Leigh on Apr 13, 2014

I have a female pup from Ice & Willie's Jan 2013 litter. She's a high spirited, high energy tireless hunter. She's chalked full of determination and drive but still shows great biddability with the right encouragement. As a 7 month old pup she received her NAVHDA NA-Prize III title. She scored 100 out of possible 112 points. This is enough points for a Prize I title. However during the tracking phase of the test, the pheasant ran off and outside of the judging field before my dog was allowed to even start her track(there are no do overs). So basically my dog was judged on her ability to track and point a bird that did not exist. If a dog doesn't find the bird in the tracking test they can only receive a 1 in that portion of the test. NAVHDA rules state that if a dog receives a score of 1 in any phase the highest title they can receive is Prize-III. I'm sharing all of this so you know that in my opinion Tom's pup are prize one pups. She performed fantastic last fall during hunting season. Her pointing was rock solid. She was steady to wing and made some very difficult long retrieves. I would recommend one of Tom's pups to those looking for a great GSP hunting dog. One Caveat though, these dogs have a bloodline that is hunting focused. As a result these dogs are strong willed but still eager to please. She's a devoted family dog and companion. She loves our entire family and pines for our return when we are not with her. She's a velcro dog at home and loves affection. Be prepared to put in the required time in obedience and field training. You'll get back what you put into these pups in spades. Thanks Tom. We love our GSP.

Submitted by: Justin on Aug 20, 2013

Received my first ever GSP from the litter born Jan 2013. From the day I
picked out my pup, I was pleased to notice his natural instincts. Now 7 months old,
the energy and excitement he brings will make our first hunt this fall enjoyable for
us both. Its been great to hear others comment on the look and mannerism of my GSP.
I would definitely recommend Tom to anyone looking for a pup of this breed.

Submitted by: Justin on Aug 19, 2013

Received my first ever GSP from the litter born Jan 2013. From the day I picked out my pup, I was pleased to notice his natural instincts. Now 7 months old, the energy and excitement he brings will make our first hunt this fall enjoyable for us both. Its been great to hear others comment on the look and mannerism of my GSP. I would definitely recommend Tom to anyone looking for a pup of this breed.

Submitted by: sharon on Jul 08, 2013

We got a great little guy this spring. He has a fabulous disposition. He is a great pet and already has an interest in hunting. Enjoyed working with Tom and his knowledge of the breed.

Submitted by: Dave on Jan 17, 2013

Have been huntiing with Tom's breeding for over 15 years. Still own a 7 year old out of one his litters and would own nothing but what he has to offer. You will find they will be the easiest to train and these dogs want to please. Not only out in the field but also at home in the yard or in the house. The quite disposition in house will fool you as they hunt from sunrise to sunset if you ask them to, they have the drive and desire to please. Looking forward here to getting another one to get started.

Submitted by: Dean Teigland on Dec 19, 2012

Got a pup from a litter born may 2012 and could not be happier. My first hunt when my pup was only 5 months old she pointed four birds had plenty of go power with great range. What is even nicer when our hunt days are over she has made a wonderful house dog and companion.

Submitted by: Bill Perrizo on Dec 10, 2012

We are extremely happy with our, now, 7 month old puppy- what a great disposition and he loves to hunt. I also get a lot of commments on how good he looks.

Submitted by: Dean Neumann on Dec 06, 2012

These pups are some of the best bred pups around.All natural ability and early starters.
Owner Ridgetop Willie Dean Neumann

Submitted by: Zach Warweg on Dec 04, 2012

I bought the first male from the litter. The puppy is doing well. Began to point grouse the third time out. Retrieved the first bird dropped over him. Tons of energy will hunt a lll day. He loves to swim, get along well with other dogs, as well as children as young as one year old. Still working on training him to my likings. Over all a wonderful dog would strongly recommend these dogs.

Submitted by: Ed Erickson on Dec 02, 2012

I trained 4 pups from the last litter at 5 months of age they were pointing holding birds till flush and e collar conditioned to recall and retrieving at the end of 4 weeks. The Pet hopper dog food dispenser has worked out fine for my kennel help less clean up from gabs and easy dispensing at feedings.
Ed Erickson Owner/Trainer
Autumn Breeze Kennel

Submitted by: Dave on Nov 27, 2012

The pet hopper is a great item to have as it keeps the food fresh as it is sealed and you use the oldest first. Save space as wall mounted and very easy to fill and use when measuring your food out. Would highly recommend to anyone for any kind of food.

Pet Hoppers

Submitted on March 1, 2014

With just a slide of the lever, The Pet Hopper has made accessing dog food much easier. My 9 yr old daughter can even dispense the food with ease. The convenience of wall mounting keeps the food off the floor and saves room in my garage.

Waconia, MN

Submitted on August 31, 2013

I recently ordered a second Plastic pet hopper.  We have three cats and

they seem to go through endless quantities of dry food and litter.

I ordered one for food a while back. It has worked flawlessly and is very

convenient.  I really wanted a second one for litter but was concerned about the 60

pound capacity. Having used this one for food for several months now, I think that

is a VERY conservative rating, even if it's mounted with only the screws as

described in the instructions. I plan on supporting the second hopper with a frame

of 2x4s and expect it will hold a lot of litter without a problem.

Tom has always provided top-notch service and has been a pleasure to deal with.  Thank you!

Reading, MA

Submitted on November 28, 2012

I started using the pet hopper at Autumn Breeze Kennel and my kennel help as well as myself have been more than happy with the easy of dispensing with no mess or spills to clean up making feeding easier.

Ed Erickson
Autumn Breeze Kennel, Owner/Trainer

Submitted on November 27, 2012

The pet hopper is a great idea to keep your food off the floor and keeps it fresher since it is sealed & drops oldest first. Saves a lot of space since wall mounted and works great to fill the measuring cup to feed.

Marshall, MN

Submitted on October 9, 2012

I own a dog training business and I use The Pethopper for my game bird feed. I mounted it on the wall at a height that makes filling the feeders easy and keeps spills to a minimum. I also like the idea that the feed is off the ground and away from mice. I definitely recommend The Pethopper as a time and money saver.

Karl Bednarchik Owner
Ivy League Dog Training

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