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We are a family-owned business located in rural Minnesota.  Our story begins with German Shorthair Pointer puppies.

In his twenties, Tom bought his first German Shorthair Pointer (GSP) puppy, Maggy, from his brother and was hooked on this breed after hunting behind her. Then he had his first litter of puppies to share the joy of having a GSP in the family with others.  To ensure a long healthy life for our puppies, Tom went on a tireless pursuit to find high-quality dog food at a reasonable price that anyone could afford.  Once he found it, Tom decided to become a dog food distributor but needed an easy way to dispense samples.  The concept of The Pet Hopper was created with the help of his brother.  In the months to follow, it was redesigned to become a functional storage pet food container for all pet owners. Our customers have found countless ways to use The Pet Hopper to make their lives better. Tom has moved his focus to raising German Shorthair Pointer puppies, upland hunting with our kids and alongside our dogs, selling Pet Hoppers, and expanding our product line to include dog beds and Big Game Gut Gloves.  We are so grateful for this journey.

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