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German Shorthair Puppies

Puppy Pedigree includes National Championship Bloodline

Legendary Main Creek’s Gun-In Gauge, Autumn Breeze’s The Joker,
Autumn’s Ace-In-The-Hole, Autumn’s Icicle,
Tall Oak Hawk, Maximillion XVII, Jill’s A Ringher, &
Bear Creek’s Kernel Tucker
Great-Great-Great Grandfather was 9x Legendary Super Major National Champion & 52 National Championships
by 2 ½ years old in NATHA, NBDCA, THCC, WGD Series.
Great-Great Grandfather was VC-NA-III, UT-I, IT Championships.
Great-Great Grandfather was a 2006 Tri-State NBDCA State Champion & Pointing Dog of the Year.
Many ancestors were NSTRA, NATHA, Versatile, Master Hunters, and Field Champions.
Mother had more than 50 birds shot over her by 4 months old.
Mother and Father used for duck hunting and retrieve to hand.

For more information or to reserve a GSP puppy, please contact Tom at 320-333-3311.

Puppy Pictures and Videos

GSP Puppy Videos