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Your Information and Its Use


No personal information is being collected by The Pet Hopper when you visit our site unless you sign up for an account for ordering purposes.  This information is only used by The Pet Hopper to process your order, update you on new promotions, products, and services.  We may collect general data on how often our site is accessed and the viewing frequency of certain web pages but nothing identifiable is being collected of the visitors to our site. 




The Pet Hopper may use cookies, which is a small amount of data that can only be accessed by the webserver who placed it on your computer’s hard drive to assist in accessing our site.  These cookies are not transmitting anything harmful to your computer.




All payments for The Pet Hopper's products and services are protected online by PayPal’s Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted protection.  PayPal is a third-party and an eBay company that we utilize their services for securely processing online payments.  For more information on Paypal’s privacy policy, please visit



*PayPal is a registered trademark of eBay, Inc.


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